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Understanding Benefits of using Smart Insole for Gait Analysis.

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Gait analysis is a way of studying how people walk, move, and run. Ever seen a person walk past you and wondered that something is not right there. We have all been there observing and trying to make sense, but it does not have to be this difficult. Smart insoles being super accessible are a real game changer as they can monitor all the important characteristics of your walk/run every day & help you achieve more with your walks/runs.

For health & rehab professionals, accurate gait analysis can support in making a clinical diagnosis & treatment of musculoskeletal & neurological conditions leading to gait alterations. Gait analysis using smart insoles can be helpful at different stages of rehabilitation:

-For the initial assessment of the severity of pathology and guidance for the clinicians to develop treatment accordingly;

- For the follow-up of rehabilitation and its impact on the patient; and for the final assessment to evaluate the benefit of the treatment.

As the number of patients and elderly suffering from gait disorders increases, there is a steady increase in the demand for gait monitoring and rehabilitation. The accurate detection of characteristic gait events is a valuable tool for determining fall risk, enhancing gait analysis, developing accurate monitoring systems, and evaluating treatments for gait alterations. So, let us explore the top 5 benefits of using Smart insoles for gait analysis.


It's like having a personal trainer for your feet

The physical and psychological state of a person significantly differentiates the gait characteristics, creating a unique gait pattern for each person. Smart insoles consider these unique characteristics of your walking pattern to provide a personalized assessment of gait. This personalized approach provides more accurate and precise results than the traditional cookie-cutter approach. Smart insoles can track changes in gait over time, allowing you to monitor your progress & adjust your exercise routine accordingly. The smart insoles can also detect imbalances or weaknesses in your gait and provide personalized feedback to help you improve your form and prevent injuries. It is like having a coach cheering you on every step!


You can just slip it in your favorite shoes

The smart insoles give you the freedom of wearing your comfy shoes & still give you the cool vibe of in-built sensors & technology while you march every step. It doesn’t have to be bulky, uncomfortable or spending hours in the lab with trained professionals to know how you walk. Just pick your favorite pair of shoes, slip in the smart insoles & off you have all the key metrics such as foot pressure, balance & movement on your fingertips. So, they are definitely cost-effective, convenient and accessible everywhere and every time.


Identify potential issues & Prevent Injuries

Smart insoles have the superpower to detect subtle changes in gait that may uncover an underlying issue or potential injury. This early detection can help healthcare professionals & individuals address the issue before it becomes a more challenging problem, preventing loss of performance & slow down progression of the injury/condition. For example, smart insoles can detect uneven weight distribution, indicating the need for orthotics or suggest other corrective footwear options. Smart insoles can also help prevent injuries by identifying areas of weakness or muscle imbalances in an individual's gait. Healthcare professionals and individuals can then work as a team to address these areas or modify their exercise routine to reduce the risk of injury. Smart insoles can also help individuals maintain proper form during exercise, reducing the risk of overuse injuries.


Refine your Performance

Smart insoles can improve an individual's performance by identifying areas where they can improve their gait. For athletes & sports professional players, this can mean identifying areas where they can improve their form, minimizing their risk of injury, and improving their speed, endurance, and performance. For fitness enthusiasts, smart insoles can help identify areas where they can improve their posture / the way they walk, allowing them to exercise more efficiently and effectively.


Track your Progress

The technology can track all sorts of metrics like step count, stride length, cadence, and more. You can even see how your gait changes over time as you improve your form or recover from an injury. Improving your gait can be a fun challenge. You can set goals for yourself, like increasing your step count or improving your balance, and track your progress over time & try to beat your own high score. And with the personalized feedback from the smart insoles, you'll know exactly where to focus your efforts to see the most improvement. It's like having a Fitbit for your feet!


Gait analysis is an essential aspect of human health and well-being & can help healthcare professionals, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts understand their movement patterns and identify potential problems that could lead to injury or decreased performance. With the advent of smart insoles, gait analysis has become more accessible, convenient, and accurate.

So slip them in your favorite shoes & let them take care of how you move.



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